Create your first meeting

You have made the first step to better meetings - great!

Let's together walk through scheduling your first meeting within Rate My Meeting. If you need more support, do not hesitate to reach out.

Seven easy steps

1. Start by clicking the Create button in your meeting list

2. In the form, fill out the meeting details first

3. Select labels to categorize your new meeting
💡 Hint: you can use labels for easy filtering and finding correlations

4. Select your questions, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Choose a theme: this will select relevant questions automatically and allows you to monitor progress over time on specific topics.
  2. Select from the list: if you are more comfortable to choose your own set of questions, feel free to select any number from the complete list. If you are on Pro member, you can also add your own.
🎓 Pro tip
Limit yourself to six questions max. Asking more decreases the value of responses. The strength of the relationship between the rating (dependent variable or effect) weakens for every question (independent variable or cause) added. In other words: the more questions, the less confident you are what determines the rating. Learn more.

5. Click the button to schedule the meeting
💡 Hint: Is the button disabled? Then the form is incomplete. Make sure you completed the title, date, and time. These three fields are required.

6. Share your meeting with participants, we give you three options:

  1. Copy the link to manually share with participants (e.g., in your invite, with your meeting minutes)
  2. Plan an automatic invite: first, choose the time you'd like the invite to be send (+## minutes after the meeting started). Second, fill the e-mail addresses of your participants and click 'Add e-mail' for each participant. We will then take care of the rest.
  3. Download a QR image of the unique meeting link. Use this if you are planning on showing a presentation to a broader audience. You can then add to QR to one of your final slides.

7. Preview your own rating form


  • Go to the meeting creation page.
  • Fill out the required details and limit your selection of questions to six. It's better to test other questions in future meetings.
  • Prepare to share your meeting with participants, manually or automatically.

⭐ Happy rating!

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