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6 Online Coaching Skills #2: 4-points checklist for Personal Development in meetings

Online Meetings are imperative and indispensable to each organization. Conducting compelling online meetings may be key expertise for personal development and is required to be a great pioneer of any firm or an association. In essence it's about helping participants to discover.

Aleesha Bharadwaj

Monday 8 June 2020 · 3 minute read


Readers, welcome back! As I talked about how I will be introducing you to the Coaching Skills for online meetings we follow at Rate My Meeting, in the first post, I talked about how one should gain mutual Trust and Respect, I'm back today with the 2nd instalment from the total 6 Online Coaching Skills. So let's get to it!

Six Coaching Skills for successful online meetings

It starts with mutual trust and respect, because you will only receive what you give. Then follows focus on personal development, insights driven human growth. After that comes focus on asking questions to trigger thinking processes. Succeeded by actionable advice, which means a clear breakdown of next steps towards actionable results. Then comes coaching by teaching theories to give next steps, model based structure basically. To conclude, we focus on clarification of next steps, so that there is ownership for the agreed actions.

We continue with focus on personal development.

How to focus on Personal Development?

Online Meetings are imperative and indispensable to each organization. Conducting compelling online meetings may be key expertise for personal development and is required to be a great pioneer of any firm or an association. We all take part in meetings at different levels to talk about our work, vision, objectives, and targets, how to actualize plans, and so on. As a team member or a group pioneer, we are frequently a part of meetings held within the organization.

Wisdomtimes article: Personal Development – Conducting Effective Meetings states "A well defined purpose, preparation done beforehand, setting goals for the meeting and following-up are critical aspects. A clear understanding of objectives to be accomplished is essential to an effective meeting." Let's have a look at a 4-points checklist for Personal Development in meetings.

6 Online Coaching Skills #2: focus on Personal Development
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1) Encourage open discussions

During the meeting, allow everyone to express their views freely and get input from everyone.

2) End your discussion with an action plan

When you are coming towards the end, make an action plan for the future based on the discussions held in the meeting and if possible email the same to all the participants after the meeting.

3) Summarize and end your meeting on time

Do not end the meeting in a haphazard manner. Thank everyone for their participation. Do not end the meeting without thanking everyone for being there and sparing their valuable time for the meeting.

4) Always give and take feedback

Tell all the participants how you felt being a part of the discussion and also take feedback from other participants about the same. It can help you improve.

In essence it's about helping participants to discover

Coaching is guided personal development. The principle is that the human thinks and acts, leading to results. Help participants to discover what they think, and how they act. Give observation based feedback, and ask for their desired results. Understanding the gap between results and behavior is the start for development.​

So, focusing on Personal Development while coaching via Online Meetings isn't tough, following these few steps will help you throughout the journey

Here at Rate My Meeting we help you take care of all these issues by allowing you to receive an accurate feedback that further help to ease out the tiring journey of online meetings and even schedule further ones.

More Coaching Skills for Online Meetings

More coaching skills for online meetings don't stop here. Stay tuned for my next posts where I shall be sharing other important aspects for successful meetings and about how Rate My Meeting helps in giving you accurate feedbacks! So stay tuned.

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