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Meetings can be painful. Your audience holds the key to knowing what to improve first.

Ask, learn and iterate.

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A big hurdle to providing feedback is the relationship between your audience and you.

Provide anonimity, take away the hurdle.

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Using a tested framework

We tested the constructs that measure meeting effectiveness, so you know you ask the right questions.

  • Preparation & Objectives
  • Leadership & Facilitation
  • Clarity & Value
  • Respect, Inclusion & Follow-up

Based on our own research and data analysis.

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Seats 11Custom
# Meetings
# Responses
Data retention 45 days
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Integrations SoonSoon
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Endorsements SoonSoon
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Historic insights SoonSoon
Benchmarking SoonSoon
Sentiment analysis Soon
Leaderboard Soon
Roll-up reporting
Support Knowledge Base1 dayPriority
RemarksAlways free14 day trial14 day trial

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