Meeting Facts

Let's stop having frustrating meetings

Do you recognize any of this?

  • 😡 Meetings lack a clear objective
  • πŸ˜’ You rarely receive an agenda or minutes
  • 🀐 You do not get to contribute
  • 😴 Overall, you feel time is wasted

Yes? Let's make meetings productive!

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Meetings are a frustration

Disrupt your meeting culture

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Make frustrating meetings a thing of the past.

1 Measure
Evaluate your meeting effectiveness today through honest, open meeting feedback from peers.
2 Grow
Improve your meeting skills with proven tools, knowledge and methods from our experienced experts.
3 Show
Apply your learnings, enjoy productive meetings and show off your new skills.
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Essential features

These features help you evaluate meetings

Validated questions

We've selected valid and reliable questions for you to evaluate your meetings.

Anonymous rating

Prevent your participants from holding back feedback. Guarantee complete anonimity.

Actionable insights

We'll show you tips and tricks to improve your meeting effectiveness.

Trend analysis

See how you progress over time. Commit to continous learning.


Connect Rate My Meeting to your existing meeting workflow, no added hassle.

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Benefit from better meetings

Happier people, higher productivity at lower costs

Happy team members

Frequent feedback improves meeting ratings by 16%

Teams that use Rate My Meeting see their meeting ratings go up by an average of 16% when asking 4x more feedback.

High ratings

⬆ 16%

More feedback


Productive teams

Teams that evaluate often, have 25% less meetings

Teams have fewer meetings when they ask participants for frequent feedback, while achieving ~2x more sense of achievement.

Less meetings

⬇ 25%



Saved costs

Less meetings saves an average company $1,000 per week

An average company spends up to $4,000 on meetings per week. Having 25% less meetings, results in $1,000 saved per week.

Weekly savings

⬇ $1,019

Annual savings

⬇ $42,798

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Customer testimonial

Why professionals ❀️ Rate My Meeting

Scott Kennedy

β€œRate My Meeting helps our team share open, honest feedback. No more withheld frustration, no more time wasted on meetings.”

Scott Kennedy – CEO & Culture Leader @WeQ

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