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🔗 Seamless workflow integration

Works with your existing calendar

Simply invite your personal Rate My Meeting virtual attendee to any scheduled meeting to automate your meeting evaluation.

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Rate My Meeting integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and Office 365
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🎯 Ask the right questions

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Drive inclusion in your company, have better remote meetings or grow your leadership.

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👁️‍🗨️ Reveal your blind spots

Get the feedback you need to improve

Meetings can be painful. Your audience holds the key to knowing what to improve first.

Ask, learn and iterate.

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🔎 Get truthful insights

Guarantee anonymity

A big hurdle to providing feedback is the relationship between your audience and you.

Provide anonimity, take away the hurdle.

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🔐 Truly respected privacy

Your privacy comes first

Whether you are a corporate professional or freelancer: your privacy is important. Rate My Meeting respects it accordingly.

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Rate My Meeting respects your privacy
  • Preparation & Objectives
  • Leadership & Facilitation
  • Clarity & Value
  • Respect, Inclusion & Follow-up

Based on our own research of over 1000+ meetings rated.

🦉 Reliable & Valid

Using a tested framework

We tested the constructs that measure meeting effectiveness, so you know you ask the right questions.

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