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Diversity and inclusion at work are more important than ever before. Measure how your company is doing today, with help of Rate My Meeting.

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Enable individual and team feedback

Rate My Meeting is the easiest way to collect meeting feedback.

Help your team get the feedback they need to improve. Individual employees see their own feedback, including their strengths and improvement opportunities. Managers can oversee their team of individuals to support development. Optionally, let team members actively rate eachother for a more inclusive, open and honest feedback culture.

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Team discussion

Encourage your team to improve

With the team leaderboard you can drive your company’s team to do better. All team members can see the achievements and progress. It encourages employees to keep improving their meetings, and support eachother proactively. Achieve a more effective and fun experience for everyone with specific gamified solutions.

Drive your company's teams to do better. Gamify the meeting experience to be more effective and fun

Facilitate feedback based learning

All feedback data is presented in a dashboard that shows progress over time. Learn about your team member's strengths and improvement opportunities. A simple and to-the-point overview to help your team to develop their meeting skills. Track the improvement, drive transparency and build employee satisfaction.

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